What We Look For

The PRIMLAKS Family, a select group of exceptional people, shares a common purpose. United ‘for better' they focus on improving the lives of people, the environment, and on sustainable profits. Our family is forged together over battles won, jokes and laughs shared; we are humble 'can do' people with real world experience. PRIMLAKS People 'get it' and 'get it done', we do not have to micro-manage them and they are terrific at execution.

True to their values, PRIMLAKS People are NOT different people at home and at work. They respect one another and allow constructive debate in arriving at decisions. Long-term thinkers they work for win-win solutions that inspire trust and build goodwill with all stakeholders, and do not compromise on safety in search of additional profit.

If you are interested in joining PRIMLAKS please visit our LinkedIn page to search all current opportunities.