Our Values

People – We are not different people at home and at work. People are our most important asset; we invest in the growth of our people and hire "A" players who share our values.

Respect – Respect is the glue that holds our organization together. Without respect for each others' opinions, time and capabilities we all stand to lose. Our decisions are inclusive and everyone is taken into account.

Inspire Trust – We ensure that we constantly build good will with all stakeholders through our actions. Our word is our bond. We also inspire trust within the organization by imparting trust and relying on each other.

Mutual Benefit – Our deals are win-win for both parties; we aim to build long-term relationships. When we take decisions we keep in mind and are fair to all stakeholders.

Long-term Resolve – We do not give up at the first hint of difficulty; if we did our company would not be here today. We are forthcoming with solutions to every problem without compromising on our values.

Appreciation – Our customers are our number one priority. We show our appreciation for their business in the way we treat them. Appreciation of what we have keeps us from becoming arrogant and underestimating our competition.

Knowledge – We have done our homework, understand our terrain and have a constant desire to learn more about our businesses. We make decisions based on fact finding and research rather than gambling and shooting from the hip. Over the years we build data banks and draw upon our collective knowledge to maximize our chances of success.

Safety – We do not compromise on safety in the pursuit of profit, time or for any other reason. We value human life and realize that everyone has a family waiting for him or her at home. Safety is the human face of our organization and we constantly strive to take a leadership position in all matters related to safety.