Primlaks excites indigenous market with Sympli

December 13, 2013 | Filed under: Company News | Author: ODINAKA MBONU

Poised to leverage on its knowledge of the indigenous market space, Primlaks Nigeria Limited, a major player in the country’s food and beverage market, has unveiled the Sympli range of products – an individually quick frozen (IQF) farm fresh fruits and vegetables designed to aid the country’s growing population eat their favourite fruits and vegetables at all seasons.

Available in seasonal fruits such as – frozen papaya delight, African ripe plantain, mango and pineapple sorbet, and other indigenous foods such as African yam chunks and vegetables, the wide collection of fruits and vegetables are neatly tucked in one kilogram bags readily available to consumers.

Tastefully processed and packed by Venus Processing and Packaging Limited, the new products are said to have undergone indigenous production and processing processes void of additives and preservatives to ensure adequate retention of vitamins, nutrients and natural goodness for consumers.

“We have continued to affect lives positively in the past 40 years and we aim to deepen this with the introduction of Sympli into the Nigerian market,” Anil Hemnani, group managing director, Primlaks, said at the product launch recently held in Lagos, adding that the products’ major aim was to address the core challenges of the availability of all kinds of fruits to the country’s teaming population despite change in seasons.

Explaining the idea behind the innovation, Ravi Hemnani, group chief executive office, Primlaks, noted that the innovation aims to significantly reduce post-harvest loss, unnecessary spoilage and reduce food wastage.

The innovation, which provides a viable option for food and fruit preservation even as the continent’s current population of 1 billion people looks to double by 2050, also aims to redefine the country’s feeding culture with the availability of seasonal fruit and vegetables at all seasons.